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Before starting with the tutorial, please take a look at my Terms of use. There's also Dutch translation online! Good luck crocheting and if you have questions, just ask them. I'm here at your service! ^.-

Yarn Spool

Originally, this yarn spool was a part of a big project that I had in mind.  But after a lot of thinking, I've decided to post it separately. Before getting started, please take a look at my T.O.U.! Good luck crocheting!

Yarn spool - top/bottom (make two)
Round 1: Magic ring 6, slip stitch
Round 2: chain one, increase all, slip stitch
Round 3: chain one, *1sc, increase*, (repeat*) slip stitch
Round 4: chain one, sc all, slip stitch and finish off

Yarn spool - middle
Round 1: Magic ring 8
Round 2-3-4-5: sc all
Finish off

Sew the top and bottom on to the middle part like so.
If you want to, you can wrap the spool with the yarn of your choice like I did.
When your done wrapping, just sew it tightly but not too tight!!
Then sew it through the top and pull the needle out. And voilà! Your done!

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