Crocheting beads in 20 steps!

I made lots of these in secondary school. You can crochet necklaces, bracelets, key chains etc...with this technique.
You can also use all kinds of beads. I use rocailles beads from Guterman. But you can use whatever kind of beads you prefer! Just play with it! You'll be surprised what kind of effect you'll get! Don't forget to read my Terms Of Use first!

This is what you'll need:
- Beads of your choice
- A little plate to put your beads in
- fine cotton thread
- a bead-needle
- a 1.25mm hook
First of all, you'll have to thread your beads. Remember! Whatever colour pattern you use, you must stick to that colour pattern! So mine are 4 beads = 1 blue + 3 white, so 4 beads in total. To calculate how long to thread them you must: total of your  colour sequence  + 1 x the length of your project. It's important that your threaded beads are not shorter than the calculation. Otherwise your project will be too short!

Ex. 1: a necklace of 1 meter long.
The total of the colour sequence  is 5 (color A: 1 + colour B: 4).
5+1x1meter = 6meter
This means that 6 meters of thread beads is needed before you can start crocheting.

Ex. 2: a bracelet of 50 cm long.
Total of the colour sequence  is 4 (colour A: 1 + colour B: 3)
4+1x50cm= 2,5 meter
This means that you will need 2,5 meter of threaded beads before you can create your bracelet.

1) Pour gently a little bit of both colours in into the plate.
2) Thread the beads in this order. 1 of colour A + 3 of colour B, like so!
3) Continue this until you reached the calculated length. (See calculation above)
4) Pull out your bead-needle, then take your cotton thread, leaf a long end and make a slipknot.
5) Slide one bead to your hook like so. 
6) Next step: one single crochet.
7) After your single crochet, it will look like so.
8) Repeat step 5 and step 6.
9) After crocheting two beads, it will look like so.
10) Repeat step 5 and 6. 
Your project should look like so after 4 beads. 1 of colour A and 3 of colour B.
We are going to join the end, so that it will look like a circle. 11) Put your hook under colour A/ blue. But REMEMBER! Your hook must under the bead and NOT at the other side of the bead. See picture above.
12) Pull gently everything down
13) The thread of the bead that you've slide to your hook must go on top of your previous bead. Like so. 
14) Yarn over and pull through two.
This is bead n°2 
15) Put your hook under the next bead. 
16) Slide a bead that you’ve threaded to your hook.
17) Put the bead on top of your previous bead. Like so.
18) Yarn over and pull through two.
19) Keep repeating step 15 until step 18 until you've reached the desired length of your project.
This is my result of 15minutes of crocheting. 
As I said, step 15-18 is up to you. If you want a necklace or a bracelet, then you’ll have to crochet some more. 
See the next picture to finish off.
20) To finish off, you’ll just have to leave a long end, then cut it and pull the thread trough.
Why do I have long ends you ask? Well, you can make tassels if you want on one side and sew a ring on the other side like mine. This keychain has been hanging on my pensilcase for years now. 
If you don’t want any of this, than you’ll will have to sew the end into your beads. Sew it nice and tight so it won’t fall off. Don’t worry, the thread will disappear when you sew this right.

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