According to my sis's kids, Minions LOVE bananas. So I was searching for a banana tutorial that matches the minions I made for them. But sadly I could find the perfect one. So I thought I'll make one myself and share it with you. This tutorial is very fast and easy. Oh and please don't forget to a look at my T.O.U. -page too. Well that's all I wanted to say! Happy crocheting and if you need help just let me know!

Fox Spirit

Ladies and gentlemen! May I introduce you this little fox spirit. It's a character from the Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio and my favorite one. Fox spirits are described as beautiful little creatures with a big heart. Well some of them are...
But before going to the tutorial, I would like to remind you my Terms Of Use. I made it with pleasure and I love sharing it with you for free. So lets keep it this way shall we? Thank you for your understanding and have fun crocheting!

Little Pup Dango

Ladies and gentlemen! May I introduce you, little pup Dango! I wanted to create a little buddy for Little Kitty Marie so here he is! Before going to the good stuff, please go to my Terms Of Use page for some practical information. Okies! Here we go!

Little Kitty Marie

Hello everyone! It's time for a new tutorial again! Finally! This time we're havings a kitty! Cute huh? I would appreciate it very much if you took a look at my T.O.U. first. That page also has other practical information too Thank you! Now let's do some serious crocheting!

Once upon a time there was a very hungry caterpillar

Before starting with the tutorial, please take a look at my Terms of use. There's also Dutch translation online! Good luck crocheting and if you have questions, just ask them. I'm here at your service! ^.-

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